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The first one is where you get the highest possible amount, but not necessarily the highest % on your deposit.

The second one where you get the highest multiplier of your deposit. It very much depends on the terms attached and your individual preferences.

If you are looking for the longest playtime – then those are indeed the best promos to use.

However, if you are looking for the best winning odds, then you should focus on High casino bonus is a great tool to increase your playtime with lower budget and lower risk.

Their main disadvantage is higher wagering requirements that lower your winning odds.

With so many Bitcoin casinos in the online space, you might find it hard to find the best place to stake your crypto coins.

In fact, wherever you look, you will most likely find a list of casino bonuses that should convince you to create an account with one online casino over the other. Simply put, the casino rewards you simply by signing up, making a deposit, or playing your first game.

This is the most popular type of reward among online casinos because it brings in more players to try the casino games and services.

Read on to know more about this type of casino reward: Online casinos will give you a warm welcome for creating an account, but the welcome gift of one casino may be different from another online casino.

Depending on where you look, here are the welcome bonuses you will typically find in online casinos: The most frequent welcome bonus you will find requires you to top up your account with a certain amount.

After doing so, you will get bonus money credited to your account.

The amount you will get will depend on the bonus percentage and your deposit amount.